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What is bean to bar chocolate?

Artisans sourcing and transforming cacao beans into chocolate bars.


Where and how do you source your cacao?

Malaysia. We explore regions in Malaysia and meet farmers first, before we purchase. Direct trade. We also import the cacao ourselves.


Do you use other ingredients in your chocolate besides cacao beans?

Yes, we use organic cocoa butter and organic cane sugar.


How do you get different tasting notes and aromas without additional ingredients?

Every estate has unique flavour profiles. It changes depending on the soil, topography, climate, variety, harvest, fermentation and drying.

Think wine, and how awesome that is too!

How do you process chocolate?

See our process.


How do I store the chocolate?

Store in a cool dry place between 16°c and 18°c.


Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes! There are no animals involved in our chocolate, and there won't be in the future.


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