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The story behind our mission.


Impacts exponentially


Our aim is to turn chocolate into a modern, sensory experience.



sensory experience.

Our aim is to turn chocolate into a modern, sensory experience. Our former careers as a designer and a professional waiter gave us incredible opportunities to see the world.

In our travels, we discovered that chocolate could be complex, elegant and as exciting as wine. It became obvious how much everyone was missing out. We were inspired to make chocolate indulgent, rewarding and pleasurable. And so we created Beau Cacao — Bringing you seasonal, single origin chocolate bars handcrafted in London.


This is Borneo


Our purpose as a company is to make it easy for people to turn what they love eating into intimate, shareable moments of healthy joy, without recklessly taking our Earth’s resources in the process.



Everyone has them.

We want people to be able to eat chocolate with confidence. The confidence in us that we invest our time in finding the right farmers to work with. We make sure that we go the extra mile to be sure that everyone involved in bringing you a delicious chocolate bar is treated in the best ethical way.

We are responsible people. And as a company with fair and equitable standards, we are doing our best to have positive impact on the ecosystem, and preserve the best agricultural practices.


Bridging the gap.


By rejecting the modern mass market approach to making chocolate, we are creating a direct link between the consumer and the grower.


A change is coming

Connecting people to nature.

“We want to show people how important the whole process can be to making fine chocolate; to not just appreciate the bar itself, but also the critical work of the farmers.” says Bo.

We work with small-scale cacao growers to ensure full transparency in our product: This will allow us to build and develop strong prosperous partnerships with the cacao growers, securing a sustainable supply of high quality cacao – benefiting them, us and you.


This will also mean that we can retain the terroirs unique flavours and aromas that impact on the beans, delivering exceptional single origin fine, chocolate bars.

We’re on a mission


We are 100% committed to becoming a socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable company. We acknowledge that, as a consumer product company, we harm our planet through our use of resources in manufacturing and the creation of waste and carbon. We’re working hard to implement and minimise this impact.


“We chose Malaysian beans for their high quality and strong expression of ‘terroir’. Captivated by the country’s stunning natural diversity and friendly people, we decided to go directly to cacao farmers to source our beans.”

Bo San Cheung


“Through our research and travels we learned that chocolate could be just as complex, elegant and exciting as wine. There’s some really great chocolate out there, so much variety, and we want to help push the industry towards a positive change, where everyone can benefit from this extraordinary food.”

Thomas Delcour


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