Why we've Moved, and Why people need craft.



From London to Singapore

One year and four months ago we launched a chocolate brand that focuses on Seasonal, Single Estate Chocolate Bars from one, single origin—Malaysia.


And today, we are reinforcing our statement:
Chocolate is Changing ®

We’re true to our values, and true to our promise - We’re taking it back from the big brands, and ensuring people and process matter. It’s now time for us to tell you that we’ve relocated right next to the source of our cacao in Singapore.


Challenge, Change and Evolve.

Four years ago The mission to move closer to farmers was set right at the conceptual stage. We were determined to put Malaysia on the map for craft chocolate, to connect you to the lives who nurture and care for the cacao we consume. And not only have the best intentions of building a chocolate company with a positive impact on people and planet, but also to turn chocolate into a modern, sensory experience. Without recklessly taking our Earth’s resources in the process!


Craft teaches
us value.

In this fast paced technology driven World we live, we are more convinced that people need craft, they need to be connected to the lives who are involved in our craft.

By connecting with others it reminds us that we are human, that there’s someone out there growing beautiful cacao trees with absolute adoration, harvesting the pods in 30° plus degrees and finely tuning their fermentation and drying methods to get high quality cocoa beans. Imagine.


value the

If we understand where our food comes from, we can understand much more substantially; How does it grow, Who grows it, How does weather affect crops, In return how does it affect our supply chain, How does it affect the People... the Planet, How does it go from A to B, and How is it processed... and so on.

It teaches us to value the journey in its making and what’s involve, we need to embrace, empathise and celebrate.


Our move plays a crucial step in our business.


The opportunity moving to Singapore allows us to be closer to the cacao, develop new products with local ingredients, all whilst evolving our existing ones. By knowing the supply chain, we form relationships and a connection with each and every individual.

We’re up to the task to be transparent, and to contribute to a brighter future in chocolate and the cacao industry. If you have any suggestions or feedback say hello.

Thank you for your continued support,
Bo and Thomas



We're also on the look out for new people to join us.


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