Why we're hunting cacao in Malaysia

People have asked us why we've picked Malaysia.

We hear “...cocoa isn't common in Malaysia”, “I didn't know cocoa grew in Malaysia” and so on. We will tell you a few enticing reasons why we've chosen to start our search for cacao beans here. 

Over many years Malaysia has been open to a rich mix of culture; Malays, Chinese, Indians and indigenous people, and many more others. With this diversity they’re able to provide mouth watering culinary concoctions, and as the time progresses these different “groups” are able to borrow, adapt and cross their core ethnical values, which I believe makes a society more aware, open and be creative.

This brings me to talk about the weather; hot, sunny, rainy (perhaps a storm in-between too), which is all perfect for cultivation – rich soils for tasty crops like rice, veggies, fruits and not to mention spices.

This country likes to “Live to eat”. You could interpret this in many ways, but for us it’s because you love those tastes, exotic aromas, vibrant colours and interesting textures. It is truly a vast tasting experience.

After talking about all of this, it only seems natural to imagine how delicious the cacao beans from Malaysia will be.

Let’s start the discovery!