Our story & cacao vision



We've been eating chocolate ever since; whether we were hiking beautiful mountains or taking the plane from country to country.


We've been through a fair few chapters together, and we're understanding life more everyday through our ambitions, adventures, yoga and nutrition – the things we consume makes us who we are; after all we are what we eat.

We see great beauty within and around our Earth, and believe it’s our responsibility to take care of it. If we care about ourselves, our family and friends, shouldn't we care about the positive and negative impacts of where we inhabit? Yes.

Which brings us to talk about cacao, and our vision.

There’s plenty of readily available, standardised mass produced chocolate (and other goods) due to the high demand of the ever growing population. But there’s also plenty of room for small producers like us as there’s a huge movement of people sourcing correctly.

We want to work with small-scale cacao growers to ensure full transparency in our product. This will allow us to build and develop strong prosperous partnerships with the cacao growers, securing a sustainable supply of high quality cacao – benefiting them, us and you.

This will also mean that we can retain the terroir's unique flavours and aromas that impact on the beans, delivering exceptional single origin fine, chocolate bars!

And, as responsible people and as a business with fair and equitable standards, we are doing our best to have positive impact on the ecosystem, and preserve the best agricultural practices.

We appreciate your time and your support. Thank you!
Bo San & Thomas

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