Feeling good to talk cocoa with Felicity


I am going to generalise our behaviour in western culture. It’s quite simple; we are reserved in nature, we don't want to bother others or ask anyone to go out of their way, and if you want to book an appointment, or see someone you have to organise six months in advance (exaggeration to an extent). Would you agree?

For myself and thomas, we'd like to think we're open minded, easy going people and take positives from all types of culture and experiences.

With this natural mindset lingering, we wanted to visit the malaysian cocoa board in kota kinabalu. We've been advised by a local kk hotel owner that we could just turn up. We weren't sure if it was possible, but guess what? It made our day! We were greeted by mrs felicity who is a pr officer at the malaysian cocoa board.

We had a few questions lined up, hopefully we didn't talk or bombard her too much. Here are some things we asked them:

  • Where exactly could we find cacao
  • Techniques to maintain their crops
  • Organic or not
  • How do they process the beans after harvesting
  • Current climate for farmers

After our discussion, felicity put us in touch with their offices in ranau and tenom. Big thanks to felicity and the malaysian cocoa board.

If you're curious about the answers, feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below. We didn't want to over-talk!