Best Moments of 2014

...And followed up with a big fruitful trip to find the best cacao in Malaysia. 2014 has flown by, and we're really looking forward to launching our bean to bar bar chocolate in 2015. Thank you to our friends and family for continued support.

Earlier this year we announced Beau Cacao...


Proudly announced the beginning of Beau Cacao and Vision for our Bean to Bar Chocolate.

If you missed our story...
Our Story & Cacao Vision

Unforgettable trip to Malaysia. We met great people and established long lasting relationships with cacao growers.

If you missed our story...

Why we're hunting cacao in Malaysia
5 Great & Fruitful days with Malaysian Cocoa Board, Sarawak


Learnt the fun of exporting cacao from Malaysia

Arduous, but worth every effort. Thanks to Geoffrey, Andy, Rizman and the Malaysian Cocoa Board and Customs in Kuching for all their patience and understanding.


Visiting Sam and Vincent, Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat in Vietnam & picked up the bean guillotine.

If you missed our story...

Why a guillotine, you ask? Quality control made easy


Drove to Paris for the 20th ANNIVERSARY of Salon du Chocolat. Finally ate a Praluline.



What's a Praluline?

Handmade new machines to upscale the mini-micro batch to micro batch chocolate.

Getting back from Malaysia was go-go-go, we wanted to upscale the mini-micro batch (perfect for experiments) to a micro batch. We previously researched different equipments, ways to make it affordable, scalable and easy to manage.

There’s a lot of information out there, we dug deep and we’re proud to show you the way we currently make bean to bar chocolate. If you’ve not already read how we process or watched our latest video about the The Fascinating Process of micro-batch Bean to Bar Chocolate please take a look.

That wraps up 2014!


We're receiving a new 10 litre tilting wet grinder from India, big thanks to David, Earth Loaf for helping us.

And we've got the most exciting part coming soon, we will launch our first bean to bar chocolate. We're working closely with our friends Vish Purgass Studios and Adam Gill for the packaging to give you the fullest bean to bar chocolate experience.

We'll keep you posted regularly.

In the meantime, Happy Celebrations for the New Year!

Bo & Thomas

In 2015